A Brief History

START was founded in 1988 by the Dermatologists and Founder Patron Sir Richard Bayliss at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Our purpose is to support young doctors who wish to dedicate some time in the laboratory conducting dermatological research projects. We concentrated research efforts as closely as possible to the clinical workface and therefore focus on our patients’ real needs.

Skin disease is about as unsexy as it gets. It isn’t high profile, it’s not fashionable to have, but it steals lives. Tremendous advances have been made and START is proud of its involvement and achievements (so far we have funded research that has helped thousands of patients with eczema, we have thrown new light on various aspects of psoriasis and have looked long and hard at the great burden of skin disease suffered by AIDS patients). We are now focusing on the increasing problem of skin cancer. In a recent project (resulting in one of our young doctors gaining an Oxford DM), we took a fresh look at malignant melanoma. We are also working flat out against the much neglected topic of skin cancer on genital skin, a truly horrific cancer.

We are a small team of dermatologists determined with your help, to make a difference to the plight of skin sufferers. Without false modesty we have been remarkably successful so far, perhaps it is because our research is so closely associated and focused on our patients needs.