brand-swooshWe all deserve good skin.

Over the past twenty seven years, START has ploughed over £2 million into funding skin related research. We do not receive government funding and all monies come from events, application to trusts, legacies and donations. Please consider making a donation to START or you could leave us a legacy in your will which will enable our vital research projects to continue in the future.

With the constant changes in the NHS there has been a worrying decline in research activity in our hospitals. START encourages young doctors and scientists to become involved in further research projects and our panel of experts judge those projects most likely to be practicable and to help our patients.

Hence those who support START not only fund skin research today, but nurture training and excellence for the doctors and scientists of the future.

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Your donation will help us to continue our valuable research and ensure patients with skin conditions benefit. All donations will be very much appreciated.