Who Benefits

Eczema in Children

eczema-in-childrenChildhood Eczema, like asthma, is on the increase. Our clinicians have developed a new behavioural treatment that has reduced the need for the long-term use of steroid creams and START is helping fund a specialist research nurse to evaluate this.


psoriasisPsoriasis is common, affecting almost 2% of the UK population. As well as the physical pain and discomfort psoriasis is a very visible disease with a major social and psychological impact. It runs in families and START has used the sophisticated technique of “micro-array analysis” to try to unravel this. By this method many thousands of genes in any one tissue sample can be studied in the hope of identifying pathways amenable to new treatments. This research is continuing.

Malignant Melanoma

malignant-melanomaThe annual incidence of this potentially lethal skin cancer is on the increase worldwide and younger people are being affected. Diagnosis and early removal cures melanoma, however, 2000 sufferers die in the UK each year. In 2001 we focused on the very early stages of melanoma’s penetration of the skin’s defences (in co-operation with our neighboring Royal Marsden Hospital). Currently we shall be supporting Dr Sarita Singh’s project looking for a possible viral trigger for melanoma.